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2019 Guangzhou international digital printing exhibition

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As the most influential professional textile printing exhibition in China, guangzhou international textile printing exhibition 2019 focuses on the trading market of textile printing equipment and materials, attracting over 10,000 professional visitors from all over the world to visit and negotiate




As the exhibitor, KALOS is located in booth T010.


The main machines in this exhibition are: 

Human P-Press cotton direct - jet guide


Human Ts-jet T-shirt printer


PC-1080 heat-transfer machine



Human E-jet v35 thermal transfer printer


Hansways tunnel dryer




During the exhibition, there were a lot of people, not only domestic buyers, but also foreign friends and delegations to interact on the spot, which achieved satisfactory exhibition effect







This booth is the second time to participate in the exhibition with KALOS theme design. The unique booth design and light box background, with blue as the main tone, constantly cause the passing merchants to stop and observe.






In fact, every exhibition is also the time when hongyin digital shows our strength to our customers and partners who have been supporting us all the time, so we will pay attention to every time. Hong Yin, has been on the road. All colleagues who participated in the exhibition worked hard!

Group photo of all exhibitors of KALOS

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