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KALOS is a technical enterprise integrating system integration, development, trade and service, mainly engaged in digital printing machine, products include: printing machine, thermal transfer ink, thermal transfer paper and other printing equipment and printing materials.
Focusing on the technical field of textile digital printing: clothing (cotton, hemp, silk, wool), shoes, hats, bags and handbags (PU leather, TPU, PVC, super fiber, real leather, cowhide, sheepskin, etc.) for direct printing, features: no film, plate making, first imaging, to provide customers with a full range of printing solutions and high-quality services.
Over the years, under the witness of many customers, the company development is the trend of steady rise all the time, focus on its own, with great concentration development, our company has become a "Caldera color management software of south China area general agent," "south China area general agent HANJI thermal transfer paper," "black printers in south China area general agent", and "rich", "KALOS" "TPCOLOR" and other independent brands, has now become a well-known digital printing equipment suppliers and agents in south China. At present, the company's business throughout the country, and has spread to Indonesia, the Philippines, Mexico, Vietnam, India and other countries around the world.
Service industry:
· digital printing industry (thermal transfer printing, direct spraying of pure cotton, etc.)
· advertising inkjet industry (UV inkjet, direct thermal sublimation inkjet, color management software, etc.)
· industrial manufacturing industry (glass, ceramic tile, acrylic, aluminum-plastic board direct spray painting scheme, etc.)
Since its establishment in 2015, the company has sold more than 500 sets of heat transfer printing equipment in the chemical fiber market, serving nearly 1,000 sets of equipment with an average operating time of 6 hours every day, and achieved outstanding results in the pure cotton program. More than 30 sets of pure cotton direct injection equipment have been sold, serving nearly 100 sets of equipment with an average operating time of 10 hours. Printing and dyeing industry in environmental pressure under the increasingly tense situation, digital printing by more enterprises. As a new way of printing and dyeing, it has no waste water pollution and only 1/25 of the traditional sewage discharge, which is an important direction for the healthy development of textile industry.

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